Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 – Stonewood Manor (Shattered Memory)

During master of disguise, Sherlock dressed up as a thief to complete a sketch of a suspect. If you go back to the police station, the policeman in the office will be grateful for your help. Now, it’s time to search for the detective’s childhood home in Cordona. here we have Sherlock Holmes chapter one A guide to help you find and enter Stonewood Manor as part of a Shattered Memory.

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How to find Stonewood Manor and complete Shattered Memory in Sherlock Holmes chapter one

To find the location of Stonewood Manor in Sherlock Holmes chapter oneWe need to check the police station archive. Choose the following:

  • Evidence – Vogel’s Story
  • Crimes – Violent Crimes
  • Topics – Victims
  • Neighborhoods – Grand Saray

You will receive a note regarding the location of the palace. It is actually on a hill in the northwest section of the Grand Saray near the Greek bridge.

There are a few things we’d like to check out in the yard:

  • Gazebo with training doll.
  • Use the focus on the white circles to tell about police investigations that took place many years ago.

When finished, the front door to Stonewood Manor will open. Again, check things out here (eg, the stair railing, the missing panel scheme in the center, the canopy near the entrance door, and the desk in the second floor study). You’ll receive a few story statuses (for example, side quests related to Sherlock’s past):

  • In For A Penny – This involves searching for hidden coins.
  • The Tale of the Empty House – This involves buying antique furniture so Sherlock will reminisce about his childhood.

Shattered Memory: Sherlock’s Bedroom

If you are able to check all the clues, a white ball pops up. You can then reconstruct the scene in the hall:

  • The doctor puts his hat on the platform.
  • Mycroft near the bags.
  • Sherlock takes care of his mother at the bottom of the stairs.

This opens the door to Sherlock’s bedroom. Go inside and check out all the things you can find. John even challenges you to find something hidden. If you pick up the wooden handle on the desk, be sure to clamp it down. Then check out the large locker. You can get a Sigir Holmes tube and newspaper.

Finally, check your sanity palace. Combine entries to find out they have a family friend who lives in Corduna. With that, it’s time to investigate The Gilded Cage.

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