The next DLC for Guilty Gear Strive is Happy Chaos

This past weekend saw the return of fighting games on the LAN, with one of the first offline events of 2021. Red Bull Committee, in its North American debut, brought the excitement to Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the course of two days, players from all over the world competed in Guilty Gear JahedAnd Tekken 7, And Street Fighter V. before finals Guilty gear gahed, We got a trailer for the next DLC character, Happy Chaos.

One of the main antagonists in the game’s story mode, Happy Chaos, plays very similarly to another Guilty Equipment Character, Elphelt. Dubbed the “Broken Messiah”, Happy Chaos uses a pistol for most of his attacks. Unlike Elphelt, he has access to copies of himself that can be used for various purposes. We also see that he has a separate meter above his tonometer, similar to Goldlewis. It appears that, just like the Elphelt, he will have to manually reload his rifle, stocking up to six shots. What the separate counter does, is now unknown.

He also appears to have some sort of super stabilization, which probably enhances his movements. Just like the others Guilty Gear Jahed Uncovering the trailers, it ends right before we see Happy Chaos use his full cinematic superhero. It will be very interesting to see where Happy Chaos falls in line among the rest of the cast. Especially since it may be the first real area in the game. One of the especially cool things about the trailer is that when Happy Chaos times out, he shoots the timer.

He seems to like drama and guns

This was not only America’s first Red Bull Kumite, but it was also the first Red Bull Kumite to host other games alongside it. Street Fighter V. Red Bull is committed to supporting Pursuit, and the fact that arc system works They used the platform to reveal their next personality showing that the relationship is strong. The tournament ended with Gobou – who had previously used Zato the entire event – using Goldlewis, winning against Diaphone’s I-No. Happy Chaos will be available for Guilty Gear Jahed season pass In a few weeks, on November 30th. Others will be able to take out the flaming guns on December 3.


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