Vanguard Review – At least one good game mode

Last few years Call of duty It was divisive. Treyarch stays away from just about everything modern war Have accumulated, and chose to create a classic design cod game instead. Some liked the transformation, but others definitely didn’t. This time it is the turn of the hammer games Call of Duty: VanguardAnd Input spins again to me modern warlatest engine.

Sledgehammer Games was previously responsible for advanced warfare And World War II. He also helped create Modern Warfare 3 And black cold war. It’s a reasonable, yet mixed, list of premiums that don’t have much in common other than their co-brand name. This diverse list of installments makes it difficult to predict what to expect from a sledgehammer Call of duty Game. It creates some anxiety, but I am happy to say that there are more positives than negatives forefrontAt least if you stick to the multiplayer game.


For most players, multiplayer is probably what interests you, but Call of duty Campaigns have their own appeal. They can be completed in one or two sessions and usually do a reasonable job of replicating a traditional Hollywood action movie. They are limited in nature, but they are good for what they are.

I want to tell you that forefront It strays from that trend and offers more, but that would be a lie. This story plays as a diverse group of soldiers inspired by many real-life heroes of World War II. The main character is Arthur Kingsley, a British paratrooper based on Sydney Cornell. Some of the other shows include Paulina Petrova, based on Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Lucas Riggs, based on the definitely Australian, and not at all Kiwi Charles Upham.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Review Campaign

The bulk of the story takes place in a Nazi headquarters where each member of the vanguard is interrogated one by one. They provide insight into their background, and explain how they got to this point. The stories themselves are well presented and showcase the brutality of World War II, but there is an obvious problem with the story.

It took less than six hours to finish the campaign, which made it too short for my liking. This length is not long enough to create a meaningful story with such a large and varied main cast. The Vanguard team rarely works together, only doing so near the end of the game. We find out what motivates our heroes, but don’t get much chance of seeing them work together. Compared to Task Force 141, Vanguard doesn’t offer enough for me to invest in.


In the lead up to the release, we found out that the Zombies mode will be handled by Treyarch rather than Sledgehammer. The exact reasons for this are unknown but it seemed positive given that the zombie is Treyarch’s child. Having a separate studio ensures that more resources can be put into it without negatively affecting other game modes.

At least that’s what you’d assume. distance Call of Duty: Vanguard It has what may be the most lifeless zombie mode since the original release The world in a state of war a map. Treyarch somehow managed to strip away every aspect of the Zombies that their fandom was so fond of.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Review Zombies

To list some features not found in forefront Zombies: No waves, no wonder weapons, no different types of Pack-a-Punch or camouflage weapons, and no Easter eggs. Instead of waves, players have to complete the set objectives by choosing one of the portals in the main axis. After the goal is completed, they are teleported to this axis.

In the center, you can use scrap to build items, get additional perks, and pack your weapon. Yes, the Pack-a-Punch is there forefront Zombies, but the way it was implemented is incredibly boring. Instead of turning your MP40 into a badass variant, The Afterburner, the Pack-a-Punch now only increases your damage numbers a bit. Attachments are determined by the gear set up before joining the game. In other words, it is possible to start from scratch with a basic stack with up to 10 attachments.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Review Zombies Aethereal Haste Stamin Up

These balancing issues also persist in the benefit system. Remember the iconic Juggernog, Speed ​​Cola, and Stamin-Up? They’ve all gone and been replaced by uninteresting names that I couldn’t even remember in this review. Moreover, these perks can be upgraded to hilariously beatable levels. Replacing the Stamin-Up is especially ironic when fully upgraded. It boosts your enemy speed to that of any zombie you have to face multiple times.

Having a starting weapon stacked along with the perks completely beat up makes this mode the easiest Zombies game to date. The first zombie map in forefront not good. It’s so boring that the only time I’d recommend playing it is to level up low-level guns. Perhaps future maps released in later seasons will modify this, but for now, Zombies alone aren’t worth the purchase. Call of Duty: Vanguard.


The lifeless Zombies mode and other campaign aren’t perfect, but let’s be honest: it’s multiplayer that really counts. This is the game mode that the vast majority of Call of duty The fans are here to play and enjoy over the next year. For this reason, I am happy to say that this is one of the best offerings that the franchise has to offer for a multiplayer game.

At least it’s true if you’re in love with him modern war. Call of Duty: Vanguard It has a lot modern war-Multiplayer mode from its feel to its look and sound. The latest and best game engine is used in forefront It makes gameplay feel smooth and responsive, which wasn’t always true black cold war.

Content Abundance

Sad to say, but seeing a file Call of duty Launching multiplayer with a good amount of content is a rarity these days. Older titles like modern war 2 It launched with 16 multiplayer maps, but since then Black Ops 3, this number is declining. She reached her lowest point with black cold war, which had eight pathetic 6v6 maps when it was released.

On the other hand, Call of Duty: Vanguard Launched with 20 great maps, 16 of which are 6v6 base maps. The other four features of Champion Hill, a fun new game mode to replace it modern warA gunfight. On top of that, there are an impressive 38 weapons to use, most of them with over 70 accessories to choose from. This is an impressive level of content that ensures that players will not get bored very quickly.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Review Einhorn Revolving Boomstick

It’s not like the weapons are all the same and the maps are also poor. The guns look unique and all have a clear sound and perfect playing styles. Plus, thanks to the return of the gunsmith, you can adjust each gun to be as effective or silly as you like. As always, this can create some truly cursed firearms that not even a mom can love.

For the map list, forefrontCompete for the best I’ve seen in any Call of duty Game. There are quite a few maps that I find myself skipping because they are miserable to play. Or, as I like to say, this game doesn’t have a bad case of Piccadilly Syndrome. The likes of Castle, Das Haus, Dome and Decoy are especially notable.

When nothing is in balance, everything is in balance

You may have heard this phrase before, as it is often thrown into a file cod Society referring to modern war 2. Many people fondly remember the FPS game led by Infinity Ward Call of duty Fans of how much everything is broken.

Snipers were deadly up close, rifles were lethal from afar, and nearly everything was evenly defeated. It does not create a competitive environment. But there’s an argument to be made, if you’re looking for a silly shooter, this approach has its merits.

Call Of Duty Vanguard Review Multiplayer Automaton.  Call Of Duty Vanguard Review

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the closest cod to me modern war 2 In terms of equilibrium philosophy. This is impressive considering that Modern Warfare 3 It was pretty much a modern war 2 cloning. Being able to have up to 10 attachments on each rifle is insane. forefront Lets you create some of the most powerful weapons ever Call of duty.

As long as you don’t take deaths seriously, that’s a positive. The gunfights are fast, frenetic and hilarious, and that’s exactly what happens Call of duty It has to be around. This doesn’t justify bugs that cause some attachments not to work as intended, but some patches should address the biggest offenders. In the long run, I don’t see gameplay balance as much of an issue unless you’re looking for a competitive and balanced first-person shooter. Although if so, why on earth would you buy Call of duty Game?

Great for some, useless for others

Call of Duty: Vanguard It’s a good game, but it obviously would have benefited from more development time. It’s buggy, and lacks some of the polish touches I’d expect from a big-budget AAA game. The short campaign and lackluster Zombies mode can be forgotten, and they don’t ever justify the game’s $60 price tag.

Despite all that, I can confidently say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time forefront. The multiplayer game is incredibly fun, shifting the focus away from meaningless stats and toward just having a good time. Sure, bugs need to be addressed, and some weapons need to be modified, but if you look beyond that, it’s well above average Call of duty. It’s a shame that fans who aren’t interested in the multiplayer aspect of gameplay don’t have much to care about.


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