Infinite review – very neat, but still a tech show

Bright Memory It was a promising game, and its first Early Access episode was released a few years ago. Additional episodes were promised, but they never came to fruition. As such, the game has relegated to just an impressive 40-minute tech demo. That was true, even bright memory: infinite, And it’s free for anyone who bought the original version. The sequel took three times as long as the first episode. But you might be wondering, is it three times as long? Yes, Bright Memory Infinite It’s almost three times longer, clocking in at about two hours. It looks amazing and has fun mechanics, but in the end it doesn’t feel like a full game.

Bright memory: infinite It concerns a woman named Shelia who works for an entity called the Scientific Research Organization. A black hole looms ominously in the sky above us, so they set out to investigate. Shelia also pursues a man named General Lin, who largely replaces Carter from the original. Perhaps this game looks like a retelling of the backstory of that game. I’m not too sure about the details, because the plot didn’t make any impression on me. The supernatural event also brings the dead warriors back to life and Shelia ends up fighting them. There are things going on.

The game is divided into a few chapters with an amazing amount of variety due to its short length. You will fight high-tech soldiers and undead warriors. There’s a forced stealth section out of place, and up to a minute or so where you race a car and dodge obstacles. Even in just a few hours of playing it, it’s as if what’s here has gotten kind of weak. You will mostly be looking at the same environments while fighting the same enemies. If anything, the developer should have tended more to stealth and drive to make things richer, even if those two sections aren’t that impressive.

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In case you haven’t seen, Bright memory: infinite It doesn’t look like a standalone game made mostly by one person. Some teams of tens of people can’t make the game look good. The textures, lighting, and effects are of tremendous quality, and look closer to an AAA game than anything else. No final Also sports ray tracing and DLSS. Raytracing is particularly impressive. In movie scenes, seeing lights and distant objects reflected off Shelia’s suit, a spot with rainwater, is no easy feat.

The gameplay is no slouch either. Sure, the photography looks good, but it also looks powerful. Enemies react better to damage this time. There are four guns: shotgun, shotgun, pistol (I’ve never used it because you got it after, after The former two, for some negligent reason), and a sniper rifle. Each also has alternative ammo types that you can collect, such as shotgun blasters. Shelia also has a sword and an array of abilities at her disposal. I totally beat you to this game in a really lopsided way.

capacity in Bright memory: infinite They are all attached to a power bar that is properly refilled. On the last round, using the sword meant you had a window to cut away until you run out of power, which is weird. Here, individual slashes use a little more power, which works best. You can also use electromagnetic blasting (attracting enemies towards you and leaving them hovering in midair), sword launcher, specials that charge you weirdly while running (which is embarrassing as hell), and specials you use in midair. Honestly, there’s a lot to tie together, which can lead to some satisfying chaotic fights.

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Nothing can stop me now

The thing is, the special ability counter recharges so quickly that you can basically spam all those moves without any limit. You can fight enemies by jumping in the air and using the electric arm that hits hard again and again, causing a huge amount of damage. There are bosses to fight as well, and they stand no chance against these attacks. I have no problem with it being defeated, but these moves make enemies look completely unthreatening. You also have health that regenerates quickly. Shelia may look like a lady in a bio-suit, but she’s almost like a Terminator.

enemies in Bright memory: infinite Pretty rad to fight. Most soldiers drop fast enough, but there is a stronger variety that can use armor (which breaks instantly if you use a special charged weapon). Even stronger regular soldiers (and smaller bosses) can be dragged right at you and forced into the air as you slash and blast them. Super enemies are all stronger but likewise they are not at all different. Even within a couple of hours, I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over, which is a pretty huge problem.

The stealth section of the game is good, but it doesn’t make sense. Electromagnetic anomaly or something that makes all Shelia equipment not working. Yes, not even the sword. However, enemy rifles still worked. It is very annoying. I found a cleaver and there is a detection gauge on the screen. If everything is full since you appeared, you will be taken back to the last checkpoint. It’s good, but misplaced and pointless. Likewise, the driving section is fast and visually exciting, but it has no in-game action and is so brief that I don’t even understand why anyone would bother. If these sections are better combined or have some kind of significance beyond, “Look, we just added something a little different!” It will be a different story.

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There is fun to be had Bright memory: infinite. It has great visuals and is built on great technology, the combat is fast and satisfying, and there are some solid ideas on offer. But, there are many complete games that you can buy for $20 USD. Although it’s taller than the original, it still looks like more than a glorified tech show. You can unlock Shelia skins (which you can only see during cuts) or for your weapons, plus there are additional difficulties and you can keep all your upgrades, but only there Not much here. We hope that there will be full eligibility Bright Memory The game at the end. but this? It’s just a joke.


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