The official release time for PUBG New State (Mobile) has been revealed: check details

The much-anticipated PUBG New State will make its global debut tomorrow i.e. November 11th. The developers have finally revealed that the game will be released at 04:00 (UTC) globally. This means that PUBG New State will be released at 9:30 AM IST tomorrow in India. The developers announced the timing via a tweet on Twitter this evening.

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PUBG New State APK + OBB Download Links

PUBG New State APK file is not officially released yet but according to sports There are many content creators who already have the APK and OBB files required to run the game. We advise you not to download the game via any third party links and instead use only official links/paths like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Unverified third party download links can pose a threat to the device and put your data at risk in the long run. So, if you have been waiting to try out the PUBG New State mobile game, wait for Krafton to be officially released on Play Store and App Store.

Expected Features of PUBG New State

Among the latest features, Trunk is a new addition to the PUBG cosmos. The developers showed the video on their social media channel. This feature will enable players to store weapons and consumables for themselves and their teammates as well. The chest will be available in any vehicle and players can use it to exchange weapons and loot items with other players in the vehicle on the go. The trunk will be convenient for players in several ways, for example, if one of his teammates is revived from the dead with the Green Flare Gun, they can share the loot collected nearby via Trunk. There will be a Trunk button that one can see while driving or even approaching the vehicle. The feature will debut on launch day.

Besides, the popular Deathmatch mode will be returning to PUBG New State. The mode will be available on the map of the new station that will throw in tons of storage boxes and ‘Parked Train Compartments’. As reported, the map will be favorable for close-range battles. Another map to return is the Erangel map which will have some visual upgrades. The new Troi map will appear. The game will also feature a green flare gun, a recruitment system, new weapons, new vehicles, and weapon customizations. A unique addition to the game are the drones which are expected to provide a tactical advantage to the players. Weapons and vehicles will have different dynamics than in the original title.

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