Just relax in this simple math puzzle

Who wants a relaxing and simple puzzle game? It’s me. I’m always.

Triads is a game in which you match groups of numbers with a factor in order to achieve a specific result from a set of limited options. It might sound like a tutorial, but I assure you I’m not very good at arithmetic and really like trio. It’s the soundtrack and the palette that make it: soothing music, great rhythm, and beautiful combinations of assorted free colours.

The challenge for Trios is to get specific output using every number and operator available to you. You may have huge numbers and a set of multiplication signs, but a relatively low number goal. To win, you have to do some clever merging, maybe some subtraction, or an ingenious divide by 1 maneuver to make everything work.

Triple Encounters features a curated campaign mode, with man-made puzzles, infinite mode for the ultimate zone and enjoy the numbers experience. The campaign features neat little planets filled with glowing numbers and symbols, so you can feel like you’ve done something with your life. Wouldn’t that be nice?

You can find Trios on Steam for $8.


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