Why Super Robot Wars 30 is such a big deal for strategy RPG fans all over the world

Imagine the world’s most immersive action for anime fans: characters from mismatched universes hang out, go on adventures, and rescue the multiverse from a rogue gallery of familiar villains. Whatever picture you envisioned—no matter how superior—it almost certainly would dwarf Super Robot Wars, a 30-year-old strategy RPG series that pulls together dozens of animated shows to create ridiculous sets of robot violence.

Marking the series’ 30th anniversary, publisher Bandai Namco finally cut (or bought) its way through an inferno of bureaucracy for a license to take this nonsense around the world. The series has so far always been stuck in Japan. but Super Robot Wars 30 It launched in the West on Steam last week, and as a longtime fan of SRW who has continued with unofficial imports and subtitles, I couldn’t be happier. Let me tell you why you should be.

Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars Basics


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