Thoma guide — Best weapons, artifacts, and talents

Genshin Impact players have been encountering Thoma all throughout the story. From the time they stepped foot on Inazuma, Thoma has always been around to lend a helping hand. Now, everyone has a shot at having this 4-star Pyro polearm wielder as part of their roster. Here’s our Genshin Impact Thoma guide to help you with his best weapons, artifacts, talents, and build.

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Genshin Impact Thoma guide – Best weapons, artifacts, and talents

I’ve divided our Genshin Impact Thomas guide into several sections. You can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

Note: Thoma is part of the “Fragrance in Thaw” banner rerun headlined by Hu Tao. The banner includes other 4-star characters like Sayu and Diona. It runs from November 2 to November 23.

Genshin Impact Thoma Guide Thoma Best Weapon Artifact Talents Build 1a

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