Strange West Preview – And then I kicked a barrel and it exploded

It’s not uncommon for me to be affected by a game just from playing a preview of it. strange westCreative Director of Raphaël Colantonio, who also directed insulting and the victim The reboot, in addition to being president of Arkane Studios for years. One day, he decided he didn’t want to create AAA games anymore, so he started his own studio with former Arkane producer Julien Roby. The unsurprising thing about playing this game is that it very easy Let’s see how these people, with this background, made this game because it’s almost obscene, and that’s exactly how I felt the first time I played it insulting.

strange west It is described as an immersive sim divided into several campaigns. I could only play the Bounty Hunter campaign and it slammed itself into the fun centers of my mind with relentless power. This campaign focuses on a retired bounty hunter named Jane. When the Stillwater gang attacked her home, they grabbed her husband and child. They kill her child and run away with her husband, leaving her to dig her six archers and go get her to pay. The sheriff of the nearby town appears and gives you some useful information as you set out on your way.

travel in strange west It is accomplished by clicking on the areas on the map screen. Then your character will either walk or ride a horse to that area, depending on whether you have a horse yet. The days are counted and getting to another place takes a certain amount of hours. Many side quests are in time limits too, so you can’t slow down after accepting them. In this campaign, Jane’s first apparent job is to track down the gang. At this point, the game determines what you can do. The camera is either top-down or isometric depending on what you want, where you can choose the angle and zoom level.

Cave of Terror

It’s not nice to stab the people you kicked out, but the West isn’t nice

When it comes to combat encounters, you can approach them any way you want. I preferred to be as stealthy as possible, because I don’t really care about shooting in isometric games. You can sneak up on the enemies and eliminate them. Pressing the hidden kill button picks up the corpse, which you can dispose of anywhere. If other enemies find a corpse, they will come to check it out, and the stealth system is really rewarding here.

You can also throw projectiles, such as wildfire and dynamite cocktails, to expel enemies from a room or just burn them to death. If you kick certain barrels at enemies, they explode. There are a lot of options and strange west It is already an immersive sim. You can’t take clothes that aren’t jackets, but you can pick up any guns or weapons that you feel you like, although the game doesn’t allow you to carry multiple guns from the same gun. You will also be able to loot all sorts of things and then sell them back in the general store.

In the city, you can accept grants and other side quests. You can also attack whoever you want, steal people if you feel like it, and you can recruit or hire followers. strange west Very powerful and I am already addicted to it in a flowy way, as you can tell from reading this. Simply put, if you’re wondering if this game will be as compelling as other Colantonio games, the answer seems to be a giant “yes” shouted from a loudspeaker from the top of a bus, at least based on the playing time I’ve had so far. I wish there were more camera angle options, but this is shaping up to be one of the best games of the year that hasn’t even started yet. Writing about it made me want to play it more, you know, I really need to decide on my perks and promotions. We Invited go do it.



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