Sons of the Forest movie delayed to 2022, new trailer coming soon

children of the forest, Continue the forestDuring the Game Awards, Almost two years ago. To be honest, I almost forgot about the game. Developer Endnight Games has been slowly releasing new and interesting parts since the announcement. But the last time I heard about it was nearly a year ago. Today, however, is the end of the night break the silence by declaring it children of the forest It has been postponed until “early to mid 2022”. However, it did show off new screenshots, as well as promising another trailer coming in the “next few weeks”.

I may be unfair, but I’m excited about it Children of the forest. After I finished the original, I was looking forward to seeing the end of the night coming up. Apparently, it had something to do with some cute, multi-legged ladies who might have been demons or monsters of some sort. However, last year’s trailer gave us more clues. children of the forest It is actually very similar to its predecessor, returning with survival elements, base building, and the infamous wandering cannibal.

In today’s developer post, we’ve hit yet another peak in what everything will look like. Endnight has featured four new screenshots, showing a potential weapon made from a human skull, stockpile, anti-turtle trout, and fun with cannibals. In this last part, you can apparently wave around the cannibal’s head. I imagine this is for two reasons: one, it scares other cannibals, or two reasons, it’s very involved blood disguise.

Delayed Sons of the Forest 2

What appears to be the inventory / crafting feature of the game.

children of the forest Delayed finishing polishing skulls

What I can collect from screenshots is that children of the forest Very similar to the original. Instead of a plane, you could instead survive a helicopter crash with only an ax left. With the tool, you can cut down trees, build cabins, wooden walls, craft weapons, and more. The cannibals are also back to destroy your shit. However, last year’s trailer suggests there’s just something weird about your usually naked opponents. Some of them wear masks, hinting at the story of the game in general.

In today’s announcement, Endnight Games promised that another trailer is on the way. We will watch.

children of the forest It will launch in 2022.

Delayed Sons of the Forest 3


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