Deep Motorbike sim RIMS Racing is free to try for a few days

RIMS Racing is a meticulously detailed motorcycle racing simulation game released on Steam in August. It’s a somewhat specialized matter, but if you can do a course Moto GP21 Without slipping on the green, it will probably work for you. It’s not just about racing, there is a detailed engineering component that allows you to modify every aspect of the real world of the motorcycle. You can even take apart individual parts for improvement, and RaceWard Studio promises that you will “go through every stud on your motorcycle.”

Depending on your attitude to racing games, this is either a terrifying prospect or a really exciting promise. If you belong to the latter and haven’t picked up RIMS Racing yet, the racer is Free trial on Steam For now, it will be until October 27 at 7PM CEST/1PM ET/10AM PT/6PM GMT or 3AM EST on the 28th.


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