Battlefield 2042 introduces a non-binary character, the first of its kind in the series

Emma “Sundance” Rosier, a Battlefield 2042 Specialist, isn’t a duo, making her the first character to be known as such in the long-running EA series. Sundance’s bio uses the gender-neutral pronouns they/they are on the shooter’s official website, resulting in A fan asks on Twitter If specified as non-binary. Adam Freeman, Principal Community Manager, EA confirmed in reply, “Yes. Sundance is not bi.”

Sundance is One of 10 specialists In the game you can choose to play within the huge game maps. Their payload includes a jumpsuit that allows you to glide across swaths of land to get close to targets and shootout battles. They can also throw smart explosives which, once thrown, shoot towards enemy vehicles to cause massive damage. Sundance wasn’t available in the last beta, so their unique collection might calm anyone who wasn’t a fan of it before. The level of differentiation between a variety of characters.

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