The best and worst Halloween events in the game we’re playing this year

October was seconds old when people started announcing the start of the spooky season, but Halloween is the only annual event we’re happy to allow a full month to claim. Nobody complains when fashion store signs start popping up on the sides of abandoned store buildings – it’s exciting, unlike the twinkling Christmas carols that later invade all the still-operating department stores sometime in November. (However, I felt a bit of a tragedy seeing the Spirit Halloween sign on the side of old Fry’s Electronics, the popular Silicon Valley electronics chain that went out of business earlier this year.)

Likewise, in-game Halloween events tend to start sometime in mid-October and last for a couple of weeks or so, and they never seem to overstay their welcome. Here are the spooky game events we look forward to every year, and how they stack up against each other.

10. Rocket League – Haunted Hallows


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