The developer of Flame in the Flood is now owned by CD Projekt

The modern video game industry has experienced some rapid changes and growth over the past few years. Amid the global pandemic, studios have faced challenges in allocating development and publishing resources. For some, this has meant changing their business operations entirely. Unfortunately for others, this has also meant store closures or delays in projects currently in development. Where one studio may falter, others may find success. One such studio that seems to be making moves is Flame in the Flood The developer, Molasses Flood, also recently announced on Twitter that the company will now be part of CD Projekt’s publishing umbrella.

As mentioned, provide a brief molasses flood Twitter ad. But, there were some key points. For starters, the studio will now have access to some of CD Projekt’s intellectual property rights. As stated in the release, “We will build a completely new game in the existing CD PROJEKT IP world.” This can mean anything from Cyberpunk 2077 movie or Witcher Role. The company will also be expanding its team, noting twice in the release that it is already hiring. in a separate edition From CD Projekt, it was noted that this acquisition does not imply an assimilation and that the publisher will not integrate Molasses Flood into existing development teams.

New project in progress

Flame in the Flood Released in 2016, it has achieved success across multiple platforms. The game is currently marked as ‘Mostly Positive’. Status review on Steam. The game is described as “a rogue-like river cruise through the remote waters of a forgotten, post-social America. Forage, craft, and escape predators.” Molasses Flood will also keep its original studio name and promise to continue making games “with a heart built on rich gameplay systems.”

The studio currently has something in the works. Nothing else is known about the project other than describing it as “ambitious”.