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What is that? The third part of the horror anthology, this time in an ancient Sumerian temple.
Expect to pay £25 / $30
Developer Super Huge Games
publisher Bandai Namco
launch October 22
reviewed in GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
Multiple Yes
connection official site

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series hit by cinematic horror, and its setting, with each entry spinning new leads, has allowed Supermassive to cast a wide net. next man field ghost ship And Little Hope Witch ProblemNow we find ourselves exploring a Sumerian temple with Marines and CIA operatives in the House of Ashes. Turning from civilians and jumping into fear of soldiers and gunfights is important, and it gave me pause at first, but the snippets were stronger for her.

Soldiers go on a mission and discover something monstrous or supernatural, which, of course, is a classic type of ball that has spawned some of my favorites, from aliens to dog soldiers. But for a series that owes more to adventure games than action games, the heavily armed Jarhead seemed like an odd choice. I shouldn’t have been worried though, because it turns out the hideous, bat-like enemies in the House of Ashes don’t care about bullets.

Marine soldier pointing gun

(Photo credit: Bandai Namco)

This does not prevent the Marines, or the Iraqi Republican Guards who fall with them in the Sumerian temple, from spending a lot of ammunition. and explosives. When they don’t shoot monsters helplessly, they shoot each other. There are plenty of long and flashy QTEs out there, and they rank as some of the most entertaining, and certainly the most detailed, Supermassive games out there.

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