Valve quietly updates Half-Life 2 with increased field-of-view, super-fast support, and legacy bug fixes

Half-Life 2 has seen some small and minor updates over the years. but in advance The new laptop from ValveHowever, the company has upgraded its shooter with a major beta update to make sure it looks as smooth as possible not only on Steam Deck, but on all other contemporary PCs.

While not announced publicly on the game’s store page, the update for the Half-Life 2 beta branch was spotted by Valve-centric YouTuber Tyler McVicker. The update is supposed to include several bug fixes that have remained unresolved for years, increase the field-of-view ceiling to 110, and tweak the user interface to support ultrafast resolutions.

Perhaps the most notable (albeit less flashy) addition is the Vulkan rendering API support, which plays better with Linux-based operating systems like SteamOS. Valve brings Vulkan support to Portal 2 Back in February, and with Half-Life 2 games now on board, McVicker now thinks we can expect to update most of Valve’s back catalog to work well on Steam Deck.

Half-Life 2 with widescreen enabled, 110 FOV, 3440 x 1440 resolution. (Image credit: Valve)

Compatibility has been a major concern for both customers and Steam itself, with Valve recently beginning efforts Entire platform catalog for compatibility. Although most games do not run on Linux, Valve is working to ensure that its Proton compatibility layer is supported As many Windows games as possible. One early issue saw games with Easy Anti-Cheat struggling to run with Proton, an issue that has been fixed Last month’s update.


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