New World Update 1.03 will bring server transfer

new world It hit some roadblocks fairly hard in its opening week, and the new MMO also tends to do so, but things have cooled down pretty much. The dev team has been hard at work preparing server transitions, and they’re about to become available to game players. To prevent things from going sideways, server transfers will be rolled out incrementally. So not everyone will have access to it right away, just to play it safe. There will be some downtime during the execution of the server transfer framework, and when you start the game live again, this framework will be monitored before the server transfer becomes available.

Once the team is sure that the framework will hold, they will run server transfers, but Just For a utopian scientist in the Southeast AP region. This will allow Amazon to use this area as a canary of some sort to check and see if the coal mines new worldServer transfer is toxic to the player base. If that doesn’t completely disable the game, the feature will be turned on for the rest of the AP Southeast region. They will then monitor him for another eight hours. Then and only then will server transmission be available in other regions.

New World update paves the way for server transfers

That’s quite the minus, isn’t it? The update will also contain bug fixes, but this is an MMO. This is surprisingly like raising the level. Exactly how server transfers work is also explained. Everyone will get a transfer code that can be claimed in the play store. In order to convert, you will need to leave your company, remove any buy and sell orders in the trading position, and your character will need to be in a haven. Otherwise, you’ll keep all your stuff, including mission progress and housing. You can then teleport your character to just about anywhere, except for a world that is either full of maintenance or already contains other of your characters. But you won’t be able to claim another code without paying later, so make that code important.

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