Dead by Daylight models are sold as NFT, and no one is happy

Non-fungible tokens are essentially digital items that use blockchain technology to give “ownership” to those who pay for them. Ownership is in scary quotes, because you really do have some kind of receipt that the non-unique digital file is yours. It is a very divisive phenomenon, partly because creating an NFT requires environmentally damaging and energy-intensive blockchain mining, and partly because the landscape full of tricks. That didn’t stop their spread, nor did Dead By Daylight studio Behavior from licensing their in-game models to NFTs. Specifically: You can now buy Pinhead NFT.

Not a Pinhead movie or anything: Dead by Daylight Pinhead. It’s the character model that you can interact with in the actual game, and it can be viewed via thousands of images on Google. The innovation here is that you can now Pay So in theory King Which you could have done anyway, using your imagination. Buying an NFT does not give you any kind of copyright lawsuit after all, which would be a more compelling indicator of ownership. Not only that, it gives Pinhead NFT a “chance” to get into the Hellraiser chapter of Dead by Daylight – although it’s not guaranteed, which is odd. Probably because this NFT is not really worth the bullshit.


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