Ash from Titanfall will debut in the new Escape season

Apex Legends Season 11 will be called Escape and is expected to be released soon towards the end of Season X. With the new season, players will get a new battle card and a new legend to enhance the game. Respawn has already shared a glimpse into the upcoming season with the new “Stories from the Outlands” trailer. Read also – Apex Legends: all about the battle royale game that challenges Fortnite and PUBG

Apex Legends Season 11 “Escape”: Ash from Titanfall Debuts in New Season

While the trailer confirms that Ash is the next legend, it also reveals the new character’s back story. Neither EA nor Respawn has demonstrated its capabilities, however, data miner Jarrett notes that Ash may have both an area of ​​effect ability and a phase shift gate-like ability. Notably, the character was mentioned during Luba’s “Broken Ghost” mission last year. Inverse notes that Ash was a sub-manager of Titanfall, and was at one time employed by the father of climax Games, Coupon Place. It was defeated in a Typhoon, which resulted in it being rebuilt by Vinson Dynamics, the post explained. Read also – The battle royale game from developers Titanfall, Apex Legends, is now live to take the fight to PUBG and Fortnite

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The website shows a new CAR SMG that will join the Volt, R-99, Prowler, etc. in the SMG list. Respawn calls it a “flexible weapon.” The creators didn’t explicitly mention a new BR map, but put in a cipher that says, “A storm is brewing: No matter how beautiful it is, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place. It would be wise to remember that.” Reports predict that the new map may contain the unique tropical setting of the Encore Arenas map.

The site also contains information about the Season 11 Battle Pass, which will include the usual new skins, XP boosts, and a new Ranked Season that will begin at the start of the new season.

There is not much in the wild on the new climax season, but Respawn has added a massive canopy to the garden area at Olympus. Many speculate that finding Bangalore’s brother may open a door to the new tropical map. As mentioned earlier, the developers haven’t spit out anything on the character’s abilities just yet, but with Cyborg from Titanfall debuting in a BR title, it’s sure to entice gamers. Ash will be the 19th Legend to join the cast of characters. The full trailer for Apex Legends season 11 is scheduled to release on October 21. The new season release is expected to drop on November 2, although Respawn hasn’t confirmed that either, so we recommend taking it with a pinch of salt for the time being.

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