When was the last time you looked for a tour?

Long ago, when we were still gathering around a campfire in fear of the squeaking of dot matrix printers while chasing the plains, how-tos were .txt files with ASCII art. Sometimes they had FAQs at the end that pointed to the long and mysterious history of beef among rival writers. It was a different time. Now, you are more likely to find a professionally written manual or an expanded wiki. Either you do this or you cycle back and forth through a YouTube video with the volume down so you don’t have to listen to someone speak.

When was the last time you looked for a tour?

These are our answers, plus some of ours forum.

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Natalie Clayton: I intend to occasionally scavenge for clues for missions or loose items, but the last time I went into “Open 15 Detailed Tabs” mode was in the Halo 3: ODST reboot last year. I made it about halfway through collecting audio logs for that game before realizing I had no clue where to start finding the rest – and with these logs telling a very powerful little narration, I wanted to see it through to the end. Copy detailed maps into MS Paint, checking out locations I knew (or were pretty sure) that I visited while the poor soldier stalked the rainy streets of Mombasa. I’m glad I did, mind you. That short story ties back well to the main plot, and ODST’s jazz-filled midnight streets are a joy to live in.


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