Black Friday 2021: When and why you need to shop for PC game deals early this year

Anything you don’t need. It’s all too easy to be tricked into dropping money on something just because there’s a huge discount attached to it…even though you’ve never used it.

If you’re thinking of making a purchase on Black Friday, you have a plan of attack. This may sound unnecessarily aggressive, but you have to know what you actually want to buy first or you will end up with no end. Cheap nonsense, perhaps, but crap nonetheless.

Do some research on the products you would like to have in sales (we provide details Hardware buying guides), and maybe some alternatives in case they don’t come up, and set yourself a strict budget as well.

Products like graphics cards and processors have clear tiers (although different companies work hard to make product names as confusing as possible), SSDs have rated speeds, but for peripherals, it’s hard to tell if they’re worth the money. Checking reviews, from notables like us, should guide you your way, checking price trackers like camel camel camel It will let you know if the deal is more than just a deep look.


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