Genshin Impact posts a weird challenge on Twitter for Elon Musk

In a totally bizarre turn of events, miHoYo showed their hand as Elon Musk fans with a now-deleted Twitter community challenge. The Jinshin effect NPC, Ella Musk, got a New Twitter account The other day (@Paimon2TheMoon), Elon Musk’s sim was apparently a ploy to gain more followers on her account. I got the joke that they share family names, but it’s weird to see an official account calling out Elon Musk’s dad. Well, maybe it’s more than just a little weird. But the truth is, miHoYo knows what gamers want more than anyone else.

The Twitter Challenge included reaching certain milestones for new Twitter followers of Ella Musk’s account. In 500,000 followers, Jinshin effect The account will be renamed to Paimon. Well, pretty normal so far. Although it’s a weird bonus for players who probably won’t care about an official account’s Twitter name. Despite this, the real awards included following Elon Musk, inviting Elon Musk to broadcast Jinshin effectand even invited him to the studio. Gamers will no doubt flock to see a batch of stock photos of Elon Musk with miHoYo CEO, Dawei, after all.

Really exciting prizes

The trophies were sure to get players excited, as the thought of so much stardom in Elon Musk inevitably raises the possibility of Elon Musk playing. But while I appreciate three free blue fates from the world’s most generous billionaire (as we all know him), it doesn’t seem as though the rest of my fellow fans agree. In a sudden turn of events, the reaction of society was unfortunately very negative.

While the joke was clearly a play on the NPC’s last name, it was still perplexing regardless. Whatever the case, the challenge has now been removed, and five-star Elon Musk is no longer in sight. Even Elon Musk was excited, tweeting, “Can’t wait to be at Genshin Impact.” You know what, Elon Musk? I couldn’t wait either.

Jenshin Impact Elon Musk

Image credit to PCGamer.


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