Forza Horizon 5 is Forza Horizon 4 with cacti instead of bushes

You can choose from a wide range of names in Forza Horizon 5. I chose “Chump” because it reflects the kind of racer I am now. Forza Horizon 5 lets you cut corners with impunity and always gives you about half a meter of space with checkpoints flags, on each difficulty variable. I love that. It rewards you with points for almost everything you do, such as scraping against family sedans at high speed, or squashing cacti (they call them ‘smactus points’, 1000 per smashed cactus). If you get a little air, you’ll be rewarded for getting “great air”. I’m Chump, yes, but according to everyone I’ve met at the Horizon Festival, I’m also a motorsport champion, although I play smart Drivatar in the “medium” zone, with full racing streaks to boot.

Did not matter. Forza Horizon has always been about the wow factor and has never been shy about offering gratification – that’s how it works. He wants to make you feel good, and boy does that endeavour. Early on in this preview, a companion recaps a particularly frenetic racing event that I just participated in. There was a cargo plane, two motocross bikes and a winged suit, and I’m in a Corvette Stingray Coupe. As always, Horizon 5 has ‘boss battle’ style races that deviate significantly from the rule of simply racing against other cars.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

My buddy shares the details of this race with her friends via text message, then announces to me that it’s “Foo Fighters time.” She’s a room reading genius because Forza Horizon is the Foo Fighters of video games.


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