Marvel’s Avengers are getting paid XP boosters and not everyone is happy about it

marvel avengers It still pulls poorly on Steam – the average number of concurrent players over the past 30 days is barely above 800 – but the latest Plus Xbox Game Pass It has given it a real boost over other platforms. This isn’t terribly surprising: people are generally more likely to play a free game than one that costs $40, after all.

But instead of the goodwill you might expect, a large part of the gamer community is very unhappy. The problem is that shortly after Game Pass came out, Square Enix started selling expendable in-game XP boosters, which range in price from 100 to 500 credit points. A bundle of 500 credits sells for $5.

via reddit:

(Image credit: Square Enix)

There are two main reasons why players are upset about this. First, the developers grinding increased-This is it, Settlement process slowed down—in March, the second contradicts a June 2019 studio promise that Marvel’s Avengers “will not have random loot boxes or Pay to win scenarios. “


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