How to get a black panther companion

Oluso is the amigo you can have Far Cry 6. By the time you get to the location where you’ll find them, you’ll also be able to get yourself some great gear. However, you need to complete the side quest/treasure hunt beforehand. here we have Far Cry 6 Oluso amigo guide to help you get this tiger companion

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Far Cry 6 Oluso amigo guide: How to get a black panther companion

Get Oluso’s Far Cry 6

To get Uluso the black panther as a friend in Far Cry 6, you will need to complete the Triada Blessings side quest.

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Now, once you have obtained the three Triada relics, you will need to return to Oluwa Cave on Isla Santuario. If you placed the three relics, the cave walls would collapse to reveal a rather nice looking spot with an ancient tree.

Open the chest here and Danny will automatically equip the Triada Supremo and the new La Varita Resolver weapon.

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Beware, because once you do, the black panther ulusu will spawn. As a spirit animal, Oluso is surrounded by other illusions, and will turn into a cloud of smoke when you hit her.

Since you have La Varita equipped, go ahead and blow it up. Make sure to heal when Dany’s health is low, and bring the monster down. After the encounter, hold the letter “E” to revive the creature. This will make Oluso always a friend in the Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Oluso Amigo Triada Blessings 1

Oluso . abilities

  • Default ability: Shadow Striker – Kills enemies quickly and silently from shadows.
  • Feature 1: Mimo Abosi’s Luck – Increases the chances of success when defeating enemies; The lock is unlocked by having Oluso kill 12 enemies in a restricted area (eg, Checkpoints and rules).
  • Feature 2: Ida’s Wrath – Successful eliminations cause nearby enemies to flee; Unlocked by Oluso killing 24 enemies using takedowns.
  • Feature 3: Oku Fog – The tiger is surrounded by smoke, making it immune to damage and difficult to detect, as well as increasing health regeneration; It was unlocked by having Oluso spread fear over 50 enemies.

Oluso may be one of the best friends in Far Cry 6 Because of all these privileges. Her abilities combine to make her a very silent but deadly animal companion, she can take down most enemies with ease. Even her takedowns cause enemies to explode in flames. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much health, and would be in danger if the guards were alerted.

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Far Cry 6 Oluso Amigo Triada Blessings 2

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