Hunt: Showdown Update Patch Notes: 1.62.1 The update adds powerful new pistol, rifle variants and a new way to heal

Hunt: Showdown’s new 1.6.2 update, which is currently playable on the game’s test server, will add a powerful new pistol, new variants of the Vetterli 71 Karabiner, and a new health regeneration consumer that can automatically correct you during the crossfire.

The first is the new Scottfield Model 3 Revolver, which is a small aperture and medium pistol with a six-shot capacity (based on Realistic Smith & Wesson Model 3 pistol, or the Schofield from Red Dead Redemption). The open barrel and quick launcher allow you to reload it faster than any other pistol in the game, so if you’re someone who struggles with headshots and counts on a large number of shots, the Model 3 might be for you. The trade-off is that damage and range are weaker than Caldwell Pax. However, the Model 3 unlocks first, and the medium type of ammo means it will hit hard and travel farther than the compact pistols in its price range.


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