How to get the lethal dose pistol

The Yara Nation is filled with countless weapons of war, including unique ones. The lethal dose is one such example. here we have Far Cry 6 A guide to help you get the unique lethal potion pistol by completing the ‘Mongoose and the Man’ treasure hunt.

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Far Cry 6 Mongoose and Man’s treasure hunt guide: How to get the unique Lethal Potion

In the meeting with Clara Garcia and other Libertad fighters in the archipelago of Zamok, she will tell you to head to Madrugada first. Although some may head to other areas, there is a good chance that you will play the game the same way you played and just went to Madrugada.

If so, the “Meet the Monteros” mission sign will take you to the town of Siniestra along the region’s southwest coast. If you check one of the notifications affixed to a post, you will receive the “Mongoose and the Man” treasure hunt.

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Anyway, visit the nearby house. The gates are closed, but you can shoot the locks with your weapon. Inside, you will find various notes, as well as the chest. You can’t open it yet because you need the key.

Follow the guide that tells you to open the shed. Surprise! The mongoose pops up and starts running away. Your goal now is to eliminate it. You often miss melee attacks because they are so fast. So, just use your firearms (just watch out in case the Yaran soldiers alert).

Once the ferret is dead, you can pick up the key. Go ahead and open the chest to complete the hunt for the Mongoose and the Man treasure. Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Lethal Potion Unique Mongoose Pistol and the Man's Treasure Hunt 1

Here are the Lethal Dose’s unique handgun modifications in format Far Cry 6:

  • Soft Target Rounds – Deals massive damage against unarmored targets; Weak against armored targets.
  • Micro Reflex Sight – short range sight.
  • Mag Extension – Increases magazine size.
  • Reload All – Reloading this weapon will reload all other weapons.

Personally, I am not very impressed with this weapon. There is definitely The best standard options out there. What’s holding it back is that it’s got Soft-Target rounds as permanent mode. Once you start seeing enemies with helmets and body armor after a few hours Far Cry 6On a campaign, you will never equip this unique weapon again.

Unique Far Cry 6 Lethal Potion Weapon Mongoose and Treasure Hunt Man 2

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