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Camp facilities are mechanical you’ll want to prioritize Far Cry 6. With the foreman NPC, you will have access to the construction office. After that, you will be able to build new structures that provide upgrades and perks for your revolution. here we have Far Cry 6 A guide to help you with camp facilities and office building upgrades.

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Far Cry 6 Guide: Camp Facilities and Office Building Upgrades

Office construction and camp facilities will not be available at your start Far Cry 6 Campaign. Instead, you need to go further so that you can visit one of the three main areas of Yarra (for example, Madrugada, Valle de Oro and El Este). Each major operation/mission area will introduce you to the leaders of the rebel factions there. After completing the main objectives, you will be able to reach the main guerrilla base. This is when you will see the foreman (hammer icon) which will allow you access to the construction office/camp facility buildings and upgrades.

To be clear, there are six camp facilities that you can build. However, each main base can contain only two. Also, upgrading camp facilities can be very expensive when you’re just starting out. Each building and all subsequent upgrades require different resources (such as minerals, gasoline, and medicine). As such, we really need to plan ahead. The way I have listed these building office buildings indicates my suggestions as to what you should prioritize.

Far Cry 6 Best Camp Facilities, Buildings, Upgrades, Office Building, Hideout Network Bandidos Barracks Hunter's Lodge Feat

Priority 1: Hideout Network

The reason why we wanted Hideout Network as our first camp facility in Far Cry 6 is that it allows us to buy maps that reveal the locations of other guerrilla camps. We will have more Quick Travel Points immediately. Likewise, these sites, such as Captured Bases and Checkpoints, will produce NPCs that will tell you many Military objectives and points of interest. You can quickly travel to the same place over and over and talk to these NPCs to discover more areas on the world map.

Moreover, it allows us Use the winged suit. This will significantly reduce travel times as we will be able to pass through the air easily when using the airdrop procedure.

Far Cry 6 Best Camp Facilities Buildings Office Building Upgrades Hideout Network Bandidos Barracks Hunter's Lodge 1a

Here are the rewards from the following upgrade levels:

  • Enhanced Hideout Network – Vehicles near each bunker; A cache of supplies that is replenished every day.
  • Perfect Hideout Network – Super Recharge on Entry; More valuable supply storage memory.

The supply cache is incredibly cool. With it, you can visit every guerrilla camp you discovered every day. The caches themselves will save you a lot of stuff, including some rare variants (such as industrial circuits and industrial vehicles).

Far Cry 6 Best Camp Facilities Buildings Office Building Upgrades Hideout Network Bandidos Barracks Hunter's Lodge 1b

Priority 2: Bandidos Barracks

In the first area you visit, build a hideout network followed by Bandidos Barracks. The default feature allows us to recruit more recruits for Los Bandidos missions, and an NPC will appear to sell gear pieces. This is a great way to complete Standard/non-unique armor set in a Far Cry 6.

Subsequent promotions also give strong employment perks:

  • Bandidos Barracks promotion – advanced equipment for sale; More recruits when rescuing hostages or defacing posters; Los Bandidos commands have a higher success rate.
  • Perfected Bandidos Barracks – specialized equipment for sale; Increase the success rate of Los Bandidos; Special Ops from Lola will award recruits; Talking to NPCs may award recruits.

Far Cry 6 Best Camp Facilities Buildings Office Building Upgrades Hideout Network Bandidos Barracks Hunter's Lodge 2

Priority 3: Hunter’s Lodge

There are several reasons to build and upgrade Hunter’s Lodge as a camp facility in Far Cry 6:

  • Each layer gives you unique weapons such as the El Capirote bow, the Ciervo Macho rifle, and the El Depredador sniper rifle.
  • You can purchase maps to show additional hunting areas, including those of legendary monsters.
  • It helps you when hunting animals, and their skins can be replaced with materials.
  • The tougher/unique creatures you take out provide skins/skins for the primal armor set.
  • Upgrades allow you to kill animals with guns and explosions without ending up with damaged meat.

Far Cry 6 Best Camp Facilities Buildings Office Building Upgrades Hideout Network Bandidos Barracks Hunter's Lodge 3

Priority 4: Guerrilla Garrison

Guerrilla Garrison Camp Facility in Far Cry 6 Gives NPCs better weapons. Unfortunately, you won’t really need their help much, especially since they are only manning checkpoints or roaming the countryside. However, you can create this building to get NPCs that sell additional standard weapons.

Fc6 Ubi Cmfcl Building Gd 1

Priority 5: Fishing Hut

The Fishing Hut is similar to Hunter’s Lodge in that it allows you to purchase maps. But, of course, you’ll see fishing spots instead. You’ll also get Angler armor pieces from upgrades. Personally, I haven’t really enjoyed hunting in video games, so this is really your call if you want to prioritize it.

Fc6 Ubi Cmfcl Building Gd 2

Priority 6: La Cantina

La Cantina building and upgrades simply provide new recipes that can be cooked in campfires/pots in guerrilla hideouts. They will give you improvements that last for an hour or so. Unfortunately, you can complete Far Cry 6 Without even bothering with food aficionados.

Fc6 Ubi Cmfcl Building Gd 3

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