The engineer is building an Apex Legends robot that loots a robot that is already walking

In a world where most games offer loot in a six-sided box of some sort, Apex Legends sticks with devious “Loot tick” bots. Little Spider-legged Pyramids are nervous men who flip through the screen before exploding in booty, and for good reason. Who likes to have their faces plump so some jerk can get a new stat tracker or pistol skin? YouTuber Graham Watson (AKA The3DPrintSpaceHe built a real loot sign and captured his creepy crawlies in his latest video, which you can watch above.

The video above is mostly a time shot of eight months of designing, building, and programming the swag sign, which is 2.5 feet or so high, based on its location on his kitchen counter. Watson works as a software engineer and has a degree in mechanical engineering, but says this was his first suitable robotics project.

(Image credit: The3DPrintSpace)

The robot itself has everything you could wish for. There are independently mobile spider legs that allow them to walk slowly, kick or bend. Then there’s of course the pyramid head, which has three LEDs on each side to mimic the animation of opening a loot chest. The loot tag even has the ability to get rid of “Fear” just like the in-game version before you unlock it.


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