Team Bloober teases new Layers of Fear project

Horror game developer Bloober Team has surely been busy. Since the origin layers of fear In 2016, the company released four new games. latest I was average, a psychological horror game similar to classic aped titles in the genre the silent Hill. It was only released last year, but Bloober is already working on something new. Well, to be fair, it actually goes back to the canvas. The The developer has mocked new layers of fear Project, launch trailer showing off some great Unreal Engine 5 paint physics.

What I mean by the return of the Bloober team, I mean The way backTo the beginning of his horrific roots. The teaser uploaded today by IGN reconnects with the first game. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d assume the new layers of fear The project is a kind of rework or remaking rather than a sequel. The first game puts you in the uncomfortable role of a haunted painter, who wanders the changing and horrific corridors of his mansion in search of his missing wife. Of course, since this is a Bloober, not everything was as it seemed. Of course I won’t spoil anything. Mostly because I played and beat the match and I still don’t know what the hell happened.

new teaser layers of fear The project adds some credence to my rework/remake theory. It hints that you are back in the old painter’s shoes. But the trailer also includes whispers from unseen people, telling him to “go back” and “finish what you started.” Ends with the line: “Your fear will return.”

Or maybe it’s about the ghouls

By the way, this fear will only return next year. The trailer ends with a release confirmation sometime in 2022. That seems early, considering average He came out not long ago. But Bloober has released both of them Layers of Fear 2 And Blair Witch In the same year (2019), so project management does not seem to be a major concern.

Regardless, I’m eager to see what Bloober cooks the next day layers of fear. Will it be a remake using Unreal 5 Engine? Just maybe. Ambiguity is a major theme in the developer’s games, so it makes sense that this latest teaser will leave us guessing for a while.


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