Riot Games Reveals The Role Of The Next Brave Agent

John Gooseki, Character Producer for brave, chest Agent development record status Posted today on a first-person shooter website. In it, he discusses some of the recent changes to Agents in patch 3.06, as well as what will happen with Agent Balance now that the Phase 3 Masters is over. He also briefly referred to Yoru, who still has to rework. But the most interesting thing that Goscicki brought down was revealed the next upcoming client brave You will fulfill the role of a guard.

I won’t go through proxy changes from patch 3.06 again. You can check it out on our website Article covering the patch. The short version is Jett got big dents, Skye got some small dents, and KAY/O got some improvements.

The thinking behind patching

Prior to patch 3.06, Jett was simply too good at everything. She can deliver risky plays and get away with it thanks to her ability to quickly retreat with her dash and cover her tracks with Cloudburst. Her sheer ability also allowed her to solo win a round without having to buy a handgun. Goscicki justifies that the last round of nerfs is meant to make Jett more responsible for her actions. Players can’t be excited with it anymore. However, Riot Games will monitor how the changes affect Jett’s gameplay.

Regarding the creators, Skye and KAY/O, Goscicki says the developers have taken a light approach to balancing them. When it comes to flashes, things can quickly get out of hand. So now KAY/O is a little faster and Skye is a little slower. But, as with Jett, the team will be watching how the agents play to see if they need to tweak their abilities further.

Brave agent humor

great worker

Then Goscicki revealed the thought process behind the next agent. The brave The team was thinking of different ways the next agent to join the roster could play the role of goalkeeper. The main description he used was “A Sentinel focused on mechanical ports, with an added focus on playing with firearms in the mix for an extra boom.”

Combine that with the teaser above and feel like we might have a cute spy on the way. Either way, it looks like the new agent may have more carrying capacity than the current guards.

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