Bastion and Sombra receive major modifications to Overwatch 2

The Note and watch The League Finals took place today, and Blizzard revealed some massive changes to our favorite travel bot and devious hacker. Both the lovable fortress and the hidden sombra Get a huge rework in a Monitor 2Completely change the way they play.

Currently, both heroes are a fairly convenient place. Sombra is a character in disguise, designed to cause damage across the map to unsuspecting enemies while they are invisible. She also has a penetrating ability that allows her to completely disable the enemy’s abilities, rendering them useless. However, the harm of Sombra is actually not good. Currently, it is used for its sheer ability, which pierces all enemies in a wide radius.

Meanwhile, Bastion deals tons of damage at once in his Sentry mode, shooting the enemy team in the form of a Gatling gun. However, it is immobile during this form, allowing enemies to plunge into it and quickly overpower it. Note and watch It’s a very mobile game, so a character like Bastion with low mobility doesn’t do well.

Activate the ancient heroes

Sombra reworked in Monitor 2 It seems designed to take it in a more damage-oriented direction. Hacking it doesn’t stop enemy cooldowns for long, it only disables them for 1 second. However, for hacked enemies, Sombra deals extra damage. In addition, her Ultimate now deals damage, instantly eliminating 40% of the health of all current enemies in her Ultimate range. Previously, her Ultimate could eliminate shields, indirectly causing damage in this way. However, her Ultimate paired with her new robbery should allow her to deal more damage than before. What is probably most controversial is its ability to penetrate targets and is now invisible. You can see Sombra for a while as she hacks and is invisible, but that is bound to be anathema to many players.

Meanwhile, Bastion’s rework will update it a bit, making it more viable compared to the current Note and watch metagame. Its basic form, the Recon mode, now fires its pistol with greater accuracy than before. As a result, his rate of fire is lower, but this change would allow him to fight at longer distances more efficiently. Meanwhile, during his Sentry mode, Bastion can now move. In addition, his Sentry mode is now in a cool down period, where you can previously switch between Recon and Sentry mode on command. His Ultimate is a cannonball, allowing him to shoot explosives across the map at any range. Yes, that means his tank shape won’t be his first. He is also no longer able to repair himself.

new coat of paint

The two characters also received some visual updates, similar to the other Monitor 2 Characters. The Bastion design looks a little more modern, with a shiny body and a stylish hat on his head. Ganymede, his avian companion, appears to be more widespread than before. Meanwhile, Sombra looks more lively, with her purple hair intense.

Unfortunately, these were the only two mods Monitor 2 The news was announced today. We still don’t have a release date in time Monitor 2 In fact, with the only news being the reworking of Bastion and Sombra. In person, while it’s nice that two specialized heroes get more improvements, character reworks are popular updates to multiplayer games like League of Legends. I think it’s time to get some news about the new characters, and maybe even a release date soon. But that will do the trick for now.

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