Run out of room for your games? Add more storage with a 2TB SSD for $165

For anyone who needs that extra storage space and doesn’t mind having a song stuck in their head all day, this is an opportunity to save a few bucks on a WD Blue 2TB SSD at a really high price. It is listed for $169.99 on eBay, with coupon code Emblodabadi Hit $5 at checkout.

If you don’t get the reference, sure Do not click this link—It’s one of those tones that can’t be easily erased from the brain. You clicked, right? Hey, you’ve been warned, a compliment that wasn’t extended when Rickrolling was at the height of its popularity.

Secondary Storage Deal

WD Blue 2TB SSD | USD 189.99 $164.99 on eBay (Save $25)
This will create a great secondary drive for games, videos, and anything else that quickly fills up your main drive. It will also suffice as a base drive, if you don’t need the added speed of NVMe. If it is not applied automatically, use the coupon code Emblodabadi at checkout to get the full discount.
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