V Rising’s message to developers delves into new gameplay and the vampire community

Just last week, developer Stunlock Studios gave us a devilish bite in their upcoming open-world survival game, V height, in the form of gameplay trailer. You control a vampire struggling to rebuild his crumbling kingdom, and now, Stunlock Studios has given us a sneak peek at some new gameplay mechanics. V . height.

We already know the basic premise of the game. You are put into vampire shoes after you wake up from a deep sleep. Humanity has defeated the vampires, and it is up to you to go back and rebuild from the ground up. But there is a fundamental twist to this survival game that sets it apart from other games of this genre: here, You are They are a predator.

King of Darkness

as V . height It is a survival game and there are some basics to learn which are usually found in similar titles. Crafting is a huge part of the game, and you’ll need to collect recipes from NPCs, other players, and allies. Here, you’ll learn recipes going back to your ancient dynasty. V . height It also simplifies the crafting process for allies who join your server a bit late. Oftentimes, friends who connect to your server have to start from scratch, learning all the recipes themselves. The game will eliminate this “catch-up” period by allowing allies to use all the recipes you’ve already searched for. But the basis of your progress will be the castle, a symbol of your journey into vampire hood that will grow the more you play.

Your vampire community engine is running with blood, and how your community should progress. As a predator, you must go out into the world and strike the living creatures, harvesting endless prey for the very essence of their lives. It’s a gruesome job, but someone has to do it. The game even features different types of blood by giving unique buffs, such as enhanced physical or magical damage. Even blood is essential to your castle with “Blood Well” that reinforces your home’s structure.

Stunlock Studios promised that this is just the beginning of the new gameplay mechanics introduced in V . height. You can read it in full dev blog here For a more detailed explanation of all the cool things I’ve prepared for all future vampires. And if you are seriously interested in grabbing a bite of this next adventure, you can subscribe to Beta tester here.

V Rising 1

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