This mode fixes a bunch of bugs and minor irritations in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You may not have noticed it, in Modified version of Mass Effect 1, POIs on the galaxy map – random hidden asteroids that are worth resources if you find and scan them – didn’t blink to tell you they were there like they were in the original version. Instead, the completers had to hover their mouse over every single asteroid belt in case this happened. At least for now.

Glittering Restored is just one of the repairs in LE1 community patch, along with “Cpl Toombs no longer thinks a player was always on Akuze if I convince him” and “Camera angle in Krogan Battlemaster conversation no longer points directly at Cage”. Also, if you notice the medigel being randomly applied in the middle of a fight, it turns out that this was happening because the heal button could still be activated if you tapped on that part of the screen even when the HUD command was hidden. This is fixed by this mode as well.

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