Wired PS4 Controller, PS4 Wired Controller Dual-Shock 4, PS4 Controller Wired 6-Axis, Steam Controller, PC Gaming Controller, USB Controller for Playstation 4/PC/PS4 Slim/Pro(Black/Blue)

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Product Description

PS4 Wired Controller for Playstation 4/PC Windows

Plug and Play Wide CompatabilityPlug and Play Wide Compatability

Plug and Play&Wide Compatability

1. This is a PS4 wired controller designed for PC/PS4. You need not install any drivers on the PS4 controllers. Just plug and play.

2. The USB controller can be connected to a USB port on PS4 or PC conveniently. An ideal replacement for PlayStation 4 controller.

3. The Wired Controller for PC/PS4 has wide compatibility. You can use it as a PC game controller (for example, steam controller) or a PS4 gaming controller. It can be used as a replacement for PlayStation 4 wired controller. You can also use the dual-shock 4 function of this wired controller for PC/Ps4 when connecting to a PC. A perfect game controller for PC. The best among PC game controllers. Wide compatibility: pc controllers for gaming windows 10/8/7/XP. 4.

4. We provide friendly and quick service. If you have any problems using the controller, do not hesitate to let us know. We will provide satisfactory service for you.

PS4 Controller Dual-shock 4PS4 Controller Dual-shock 4

PS4 Controller Dual-shock 4

1. Dual Vibration Function & LED Indicator- Built-in shock vibration feedback motor and integrated light bar offer a more authentic game experience. It can be used as a replacement for PS4 Controller DualShock original.

2. Precise Control- The analog sticks and trigger buttons of this controller offer precise control.

3. Ergonomic Design- Grips and contours of the PS4 controller for PC/PS4 have been designed to fit your hands more comfortably. The joystick PC/PS4 is made of ABS anti-slip, anti-sweat material.

4. Wired Controller- With the 4.9 ft (2.1 m) USB cable, you can enjoy the PS4 gaming in a comfortable viewing angle. It can be used for PlayStation 4 or be used as a wired PC controller.

5. No Delay-The PS4 controller wired/PC controller wired provides a much quicker response and sensitivity than a wireless connection.

6. Latest 6-axis motion sensing function supported. It has all the functions you need. You can use it as a replacement for playstation controller PS4.

Non-slip Joystick

Non-slip Joystick

Linear Trigger

Linear Trigger

High Precision D-pad

High Precision D-pad

Non-slip Joystick

Ergonomic design, rough surface, non-slip texture, high precision components, and better experience.

Linear Trigger

The linear trigger button design of the PS4 controllers gives you better control in PS4 games.

High Precision D-pad

The Controller for PS4 has high precision D-pad, which is made to improve movements by fitting your thumbs snuggly

All the Latest Features of PS4 Controllers

Upload and Broadcast

Upload and Broadcast

6-Axis Sensor

6-Axis Sensor

Accuracy Control Trigger

Accuracy Control Trigger

Upload and Broadcast

You can upload gameplay videos and screenshots directly from your system or live-stream your gameplay, all without disturbing the game in progress. This is one of the PS4 controllers just designed for you.

6-Axis Sensor

The Ps4 gaming controller is equipped with 6-axis gaming sensor, combing with the Dual-shock 4 feature, giving you an immersive gaming experience. If you are looking for the latest controller PS4, this is prepared for you. It can be used as a replacement for PS4 Dualshock controller.

Accuracy Control Trigger

The sensitivity of the trigger have been upgraded for better operation. It delivers what you want in your gaming. An ideal game controller for PC/PS4.

How to Connect the gamepad to PS4How to Connect the gamepad to PS4

How to Connect the gamepad to PS4?

This PS4 wired controller can be connected to the PS4 console very conveniently.

1. Power on a console. Insert the USB plug of the controller into a USB port of the console.

2. Press and hold the HOME button of the controller for 2 seconds.

3. When the LED keeps solid bright, it means the connection is successful. The PS4/PC gaming controller is ready to be used.

How to Connect the gamepad to PCHow to Connect the gamepad to PC

How to Connect the gamepad to PC?

(The following takes Steam console as an example. You can also use other appropriate consoles.)

The wired PC controller/ps4 controller is compatible with PC.

These are steps:

1.Download and install Steam on PC. 2. Start the program. 3. Connect Controller to PC.

4. After the LED light keeps solid bright, it means the connection is successful. The PS4/PC game controller is ready to be used.

ATTENTION: The wired controller can be connected to PC. If it can’t work with PC, Please tell us, we can help you to connect to PC.

Unrestricted Gaming ExperienceUnrestricted Gaming Experience

Unrestricted Gaming Experience

The long 4.9 ft USB cable of this wired controller for PC/PS4 allows great freedom in game playing. You can sit at a comfortable distance and have a wider view. The PS4 pro controller can be used as a replacement for PS4 controller dualshock 4 original. It can be used as a PS4 slim controller, ps4 pro controller, and PC game controller due to its full compatibility. The best among wired PS4 controllers. Just enjoy the dual-shock PS4 controller.

🎮【Plug and Play】 The wired PS4 controller is easy to use. It supports plug-and-play. You need not install any program or app for this Wired PS4 Controller. It has an extra-long 6.9 ft USB cable, enabling you to sit comfortably at a distance.
🎮【Double Shock and Share Function】Built-in dual-shock 4 motors of the PS4 Wired Controller provide excellent shock feedback. Each hit, crash, and explosion is more realistic when you feel the rumble right in your hands. The share button of the PS4 controller wired makes it easy to share your greatest PS4 games moments with instant gameplay video and screenshot uploads without disturbing the game progress.
🎮【6-axis gyro】The 6-axis motion sensing function of the PS4 wired controller provides extra fun in supported games. The wired gaming controller can detect the motion of itself and gives feedback to the console. Thus, you can control motion games much easier and with much more freedom with this PS4 controller wired.
🎮【Upgraded Sensitivity&No Delay】 This wired PS4 controller provides dual analog joysticks, triggers, and buttons, giving you less response time, improved accuracy, and an astonishing gaming experience. USB cable connection of the wired controller for PC/PS4 ensures stable signal transmission, quick response and eliminates the need for charging.
🎮【Ergonomic Design&ABS Material】Grips and contours of the PS4/PC game controller for PC/PS4 have been designed to fit your hands more comfortably. The size of the PS4 wired controller can fit both adults and children. Its non-slip & anti-sweat textured handles are comfortable for the longtime handgrip. (Note: The central button is a tactical button and not a touch-sensitive pad.)

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