How to quickly earn a million dollars in GTA

GTA Online is one of the most popular PC/console games of the decade. While GTA Online is a huge world that one can explore, it also requires you to spend GTA dollars to get the most fun. While you can buy these with your hard-earned real money or you can earn them in-game and get your character whatever you want. While beginners may have a hard time earning money, doing missions that don’t pay much or trying to rob people who don’t hold enough money, here we’ll look at how to make your first million in GTA Online relatively quickly. Read also – GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Edition release date turned 2022: Here’s why

Noticeable: Before I begin, this does not make a million US dollars in 5 minutes using this type of hack for an article. Here I will explain in detail all the tasks that need to be done, where to invest and more to earn a million dollars in GTA quickly. Read also – Sony PlayStation Showcase 2021: God of War Ragnarok, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and 16 other games

Communication and theft tasks

Connecting missions is an easy way to make money where you can start with easy difficulty and then move to higher difficulties to earn higher payouts. Robbery is also an easy way to earn big money quickly. You can get started with Gerald’s Contact Missions, which is quick and easy, and at the same time makes good payouts. Read also – GTA 5 is leaving Xbox Game Pass soon: play it before it’s gone

Before you start with challenging communication missions or heists, you must purchase Armored Kuruma, Special Carbine, Armor and Snacks, to help you with the missions.

Buying real estate

One of the main parts of GTA Online To earn money are smart investments in real estate, which will guarantee a regular income. I recommend getting luxury apartments and MC Club to ensure good returns. After you get a good standing in the game, you can then start looking for quality buys like Buzzard and Oppressor MKII.

Investing smartly in good real estate, while at the same time completing communication and robbery missions will give you good ground and you will have GTmillion dollars in no time. After that, you can start hosting burglaries as a leader, which will provide you with much higher payouts.

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