The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first game with Nvidia’s new DLAA technology

During Live broadcast Showcasing the Deadlands DLC coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, in addition to the changes added in the next patch to the core game, Creative Director Rich Lambert mentioned that new technology from Nvidia will debut in the MMO: Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing, or DLAA. It’s similar to DLSS (which The Elder Scrolls Online also gets), but instead of running at a lower resolution to get a frame rate boost while using AI to upgrade everything so it still looks shiny, DLAA runs at native resolution while using the same deep learning to smooth edges. additional.

“It’s the same kind of concept,” Lambert said. After 51 minutes of live broadcast. “You won’t get a performance boost from this, but what you will get is absolutely amazing smoothing.” If you want to try DLAA, it will be sent to the public testing server, after which it will become an option alongside DLSS when update 32 is rolled out. A decent Nvidia GPU will of course be necessary. “You need RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series cards to take advantage of it,” Lambert said.

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