Spectral Events and Missions Guide

New live event in Jinshin effect. is similar to Physouls and where to find themSpectral Secrets will let you choose several characters to participate in expeditions that give you many rewards. Here’s our guide to help you with the Spectral Secrets event in Jinshin effect.

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Jinshin effectSpectrum Secrets Event Guide

To start the Spectral Secrets event in Jinshin effect, you will need to access Adventure rating 30. Similarly, you must complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” part of The first chapter of the Inazuma Archon mission. If you meet these requirements, talk to Katheryne from Adventurer’s Guild. This will complete a task called “Floating Spirits – Investigation Begins”.

Check Spectral Secret Flights in Jinshin effect

Next, open the exploration panel to see the Spectral Secrets tab. You will see many Spectral Secrets missions with their own levels:

  • Tier S Expeditions (only one available) – 20x Primogems Book and 3 x Blue Talent Handbooks.
  • A-level missions (two available) – 15 times the Elementary and 6 times the Green Talent.
  • Level B Missions (four available) – Experience the Adventurer, Weapon Up Items, or Mystic Boost Ore.

Similar to regular Expeditions, all you have to do is select the characters and come back later once the time has passed to receive your rewards. However, the main difference here is that some items will increase the success rate of the Spectral Secret flight. For example, if you see that Anemo and Pyro have boosters, selecting certain characters at a higher level will improve the potential rewards. If you do not have a file Jinshin effect The list, this is good because you can add the characters that your friends show. They can help improve the success rate of your endeavors.

Noticeable: Characters identified in Spectral Secret cannot be used on regular expeditions.

Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Event Tier S Expedition Guide 1

Unlock Tier S missions.

By default, only A and B level missions are available. To unlock Tier S missions in the Spectral Secrets event, you’ll need to head to the designated location in Araumi. There, you will discover three lanterns and the Electrograna Factory (shown in the image below). Interact with it to get the power of Electrograna and get close to the Three Lanterns. Once lit, you will need to defeat eight ghosts (as you can see in the featured image of this guide). Doing so will unlock Tier S missions.

Finally, please remind that Jinshin effectSpectral Secrets event runs from September 19-26. However, you can continue to collect rewards that you did not get until September 29th.

Genshin Impact Spectral Secrets Event Tier S Expedition Guide 2

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