Conquer the world with the new Superpower 3 ad trailer

If you want to get a good dose of world domination, you’re in luck. New strategy game super power 3 During the day Show THQ North, accompanied by an advertisement trailer. There is a lot of conquest to do here, with a mixture of military warfare and atomic bombs. What a pleasure!

super power 3 It is the third entry in superpower Series – one that hasn’t seen a new release since 2004. super power 2 It was released to a mixed reception and has been largely forgotten, so it’s definitely surprising to see this franchise return after a decade and a half.

Just going to rule the world

The goal of this game is to “lead your chosen nation to dominate the world or master special scenarios.” Foreign policy is the name of the game here, and your knowledge of geography, economics, military and politics will be tested. super power 3 It strives to be as immersive and realistic as possible, with “accurate reproduction of the entire world”. You can control up to 194 different countries in “the most complete and accurate geopolitical game to date”.

The super power 3 The trailer doesn’t show much (if anything) from the gameplay. Instead, there is a dramatic retelling of every existing presidential speech, with unrealistic expectations for a united audience. (The immersion is already broken!) The game prides itself on its updated graphics, and if this trailer represents the actual graphics we’ll get into the game, we’ll conquer the world in style.

super power 3 It will be rich in various details, with accurate character customization and dozens of scenarios “based on real events”. With no official end to the game, super power 3 It is designed to restart. There is even mod support, as the game encourages user-created scenarios.

Currently, there is no launch window planned, so we will have to wait for more news on this front. You can put your wishlist in the game now on SteamAnd check out the ad trailer below:

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