Bastion reworks and more Overwatch 2 news to be revealed next week

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard news of anything to do with superstition Monitor 2. It looks like the original game was poised for a lot of success, with great support in the Overwatch League and promising new updates. But when the news comes out Monitor 2 Everything fell off. The only information we had about the game was revealed During a Twitch stream Which introduced some new maps and features, including a file Basic change in gameplay. Well, it looks like the developers are finally ready to release more official information. They recently announced that more news about Note and watch Coming next week, along with a Bastion rework.

On September 25th, during the Overwatch League Finals, we will finally receive some long-awaited updates on this elusive project. The upcoming season of the Overwatch League will also use an early build of Monitor 2Maybe an official game release is on the horizon?

Wow Woo, Wow Woo

Posted on Twitter by admin Overwatch account Highlight what updates we can expect next week. We receive more news about balance changes for Monitor 2, including mods for Sombra and Bastion. Both characters are controversial characters in the game, especially Bastion, who did not find a strong niche in such a mobile game. With the upcoming full rework, the Monitor 2 The Bastion version also gets a new look with a stylish beanie.

Unfortunately, this is all the news that the Twitter post contains. While a surprise announcement is possible, don’t get your hopes up. On the bright side, for those interested in the competitive side Note and watchWe get an exhibition match, too. one of Monitor 2The major changes he made reduced the size of each team to five playable characters instead of six. With a turn queue, each team can only bring one tank to battle. This is a major change in the essence of gameplay Note and watchSeeing the pros take on this new format is definitely an interesting idea.

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