The open world of lo-fi in this mysterious RPG looks exciting

An open world first person RPG with a definitive aesthetic, horrific style and some gruesome enemy designs is just what I wanted to see today and I found it. Dread Delusion is an in-development RPG that takes a combination of mysterious and otherworldly styles and PSX graphics from the early 2000s set to the extreme, bringing a world of sprawling, exotic magic and bustling cities to explore.

An image from the RPG Dread Delusion.  There is a pale and puffy creature hanging from the ceiling of a stone room.

(Image credit: Lovely Hellplace)

It resembles something of a child love between Daggerfall and the Dark Souls ancestors of King’s Field. A person grew up contemplating an ancient Latin version of the Minor Key of Solomon. Its main selling point is a smaller, but straightforwardly handcrafted open world experience, with a central quest to follow and side quests to explore. Developers Lovely Hellplace promises that fighting will never be the only option, saying “With the diverse skill system, there is always an alternative to fighting. Magic people, pick locks or use secret knowledge.”