Minecraft mod Mammoth will allow servers to host thousands of players without worry

It’s Monday on PC Gamer and we haven’t had any chat on the hot server yet: but fear not! The upcoming Minecraft game with serious ambition is about to change all that, and it could have a broader impact on the platform’s future. Basically, it comes down to one problem: Minecraft-as-is processes all server-related information on a single (single-threaded) CPU. So you can have the biggest and most beautiful computer in the world, but once it handles several dozen or even hundreds of players, you will get massive performance, the server hash rate will drop to the point. It’s unplayable, and no one is having fun.

The world record for concurrent Minecraft players in one world is 2622, a chaotic feat as none of these players could do anything but they were there. This was not good enough for programmer Jackson Roberts, who at the beginning of 2020 wanted a security project, and decided to create a huge Minecraft server that could host thousands of players without delay. Minecraft’s current single-thread server software was clearly not quite up to the job, so Roberts and collaborator Harvey298 decided they would work out how to build their own system, calling Project Mammoth.

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