Destiny 2: Shattered World – Ruins of Wrath Guide

It’s been three weeks since then Destiny 2: The Lost Season Launched. This means that there is a new region waiting for us in the Shattered Kingdom. here we have Destiny 2: The Lost Season A guide to help you in the Shattered Kingdom: Wrath Ruins Zone, Align the Three Lighthouses, Find Lost Techeun III, and Finish the Wayfinder’s Voyage III Challenge.

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Destiny 2: The Lost Season Wayfinder III – Shattered World: Ruins of the Beacon of Wrath and Lost Techeun’s Guide

As usual, Wayfinder’s Voyage III requires file termination astral alignment Run first. The problem, however, is that the frequency this week seems a bit short. I got an error code during my first attempt. Then, on my second try, the activity never completed even though I stayed in the zone without getting back into orbit very quickly. So, yes, it is possible that you may need to do this activity several times.

Next, you should visit the port of sorrow in the moon. This will unlock Shattered Kingdom: Wrath Ruins Region in Destiny 2: The Lost Season. You can refer to the pages below for the parts you need help with:

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