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Electronic Arts (EA) announced in April that it would soon release a mobile version of Battlefield’s first-person shooter (FPS) game. EA DICE has now announced more details about the upcoming Battlefield Mobile game. Here we’ll take a look at everything we know about the upcoming game including the beta rollout status from region to region, map details, and more. Read also – The 5 best mobile games coming in 2021 have moved to

Everything we know about Battlefield Mobile

EA DICE has reportedly revealed in a question and answer session that it will release Battlefield Mobile first in Indonesia and the Philippines. According to the Google Play Store listing, the game will be released first on the Android platform. The company is expected to release beta versions of the game on a region-to-region basis. Read also – Netflix may launch video game streaming service next year at no additional cost

The game will initially only come with the Grand Bazaar map from battlefield 3. The game will be offered in a free model with in-app purchase items such as cosmetics, unlockable upgrades and a Battle Pass. Read also – FIFA 22 HyperMotion technology provides an immersive gaming experience, and will be released on October 1

EA said that the mobile version of the game will bring “the same wild situations and explosive spectacles that Battlefield is known for.” However, the graphics may look like they’re stepping down from the PC titles.

Battlefield Mobile will come with multiple game modes, which will include Tactical Mode, Destruction Mode, Stealth Mode, and Tank War Mode.

Tactical mode will focus on players agility, Destruction mode will allow players to use ATVs to rush, Stealth mode just like its name will focus on stealth and War Tanks mode will bring a fully armored tank to battle. The game will also include a study system to make the gameplay more exciting. The different categories include Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon.

The game will also come with player customization features and will have background stories of the war heroes in the game.

We expect EA . dice To reveal more details about Battlefield Mobile in the coming months, all the way to the full version of the game expected next year.

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