Black Ops Cold War and Warzone mid-season update content revealed

The Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops And war zone Mid-season updateAnd Season 5 has been reloaded, just days away. Season 5 It was already packed with action and the mid-season update will bring some new content. We’ll see the return of the popular game mode, the mid-season event “Numbers”, and more.

To get started, the zoo map will be added to the rotation. This first appeared in the original black ops As part of the Escalation DLC package. if I were Call of duty The fan during the original black ops Climax, this map might give you a bit of nostalgia. For new players, the zoo will likely feel like a new experience.

In addition, a demolition game mode will be added to Black Cold War. Featured in many titles, Demolition requires attackers to destroy two bomb sites while defenders must stop them in their tracks.

Mid-season update hits black cold war zombies and war zone

Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops Zombies will not be ruled out For a mid-season update for Season 5. The latest eruption zone will take you to the Armada, on the way out in the North Atlantic. You may recognize this area as a map that actually features in a multiplayer game. Also, there will be a new global event in Outbreak. There are small, medium, large and gold versions of black chests that will provide various rewards.

the following, Call of Duty: War Zone We will see some brand new game styles. A game mode called Clash will be shown in Battle Royale playlists after the mid-season update. This will see players engage in 50v50 combat, while earning points for eliminating enemies and completing contracts to collect rewards and power-ups.

There is another new game mode known as Iron Trials ’84 and it will take war zone Competition to a new level. Here, your basic health will increase and your health regeneration levels will change. You’ll also have to buy your own weapons, use them with new gulag bases, and more. Mid-Season Update for war zone And black cold war It hits September 9th.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone update mid-season 5

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