Righteous Wrath – How to Romance with Companions

All in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous He views you as a leader, the leader of the crusaders against the advancing diabolical tide. But maybe it is possible Taking relationships to the next level. here we have Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous A guide to help you romanticize some companions like Arueshalae, Camellia, Wenduag and Lann, as well as Queen Galvrey herself.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Companions Guide – How do you like your companions And Queen Galvrey

romance companion in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous It is fairly simple. The gist of the matter is that you simply have to be nice and have fun. However, you also have to think about two things.

First, not all guys can be romantic, and there are some sex requirements as well:

  • Camellia – male characters only.
  • Because – female characters only.
  • Wenduag – male and female.
  • Daeran – male and female.
  • Susil – male characters only.
  • Arueshalae – male and female.

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The second factor is that you need to pay attention to the dialog options that can be triggered. Sometimes, it may be a random event when you return to your camp or base of operations. In other cases, it can happen during the personal search of a mate. Speaking of which, you may want to enhance your companion’s personal mission even more so that new options can open down the line.

For example, the first time you can court an Arueshalae is the moment you do so Rescue her in Dresen prison. Additional opportunities will occur later.

Pathfinder Righteous Fury How To Romance Companions Romance Guide How To Romance Queen Galvrey Arueshalae 1a

As for Daeran, he’s always cheerful when talking to you. In my case, I completed a companion quest called “while the World Burns”, and chose to be okay with his progress without locking him in completely. Then, during the third act, he approached my character to offer flowers (which I also accepted).

Then it came to a point when he asked the leader to go on something “not a date”. Then you have the option to kiss him. On the contrary, you can stop the romance there before things get too troublesome.

Pfnd2 Wotr Comprom Gd Heart 1b

What about the romance with Queen Galfrey?

Yes, it is indeed possible to have an affair with the Queen herself as a male or female figure. To be clear, you will have moments when you can address her in a cute or playful way. For example, at the beginning of the third act, she gave you a ring. You can joke about asking if you’re engaged now.

However, I’m not sure if you need her to join the crusader army early in the second act to improve your relationship. Just remember that if you make her join, she will prevent you from entering A flock of those who walk the legendary path.

Pathfinder Righteous Fury How To Romance Companions Romance Guide How To Romance Queen Galfrey Arueshalae 1b

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Available via steam.

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