Minecraft Live 2021 announced for October

Obviously, there was no Minecraft Festival this year. The agreement was scrapped back in February of 2020, and since things aren’t much better now, 2021 has followed suit. Like so many other flaws, it centered around an online event called minecraft live which started last October. Well, it’s been almost a year, so Minecraft Live 2021 has been announced again This is amazing October. Developer Mojang raised advertising Promises that the event will include some news that fans won’t want to miss, as well as private conversations with the creators. You can’t fully wear a blocky costume while carrying a blocky pickaxe, but this you will have to do for now.

If you’re counting the days until Minecraft Live 2021, you’ll be glad to know that it starts on October 16th at 12 PM ET. This is about a month and a half from now. The event will be available in multiple venues, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Mojang also detailed who fans can expect to see during the show, as Mojang’s staff will take to the stage along with the community lights and a couple of “surprises.” I don’t think Danzig will appear, so don’t get your hopes up who – which high.

Maine Craft The 2021 live stream returns on October 16th

The iteration of Minecraft Live of 2020 lasted for a few hours. It featured prominently an announcement of the update, as well as a mob vote, which ended up getting crowds of mobsters. minecraft dungeons And Minecraft world It has been added to the regular game. If Minecraft Live 2021 follows suit, we will probably become even more assertive date of publication In the next second half of Caves and cliffsWhat fans have been waiting for.

There will likely be another vote. Maybe they’ll vote to add a Mexican buffet to the next Minecraft festival, because that’s the only thing that could make someone like me go for it. It should be all you can eat clearly. And the red sauce for the enchiladas, please. None of that green stuff. Of course, it’s going to be a crowd vote, and the creatures that get added to the ticket will likely be in the ad announcement:

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