Intel Alder Lake CPU prices are allegedly leaking to line up and soaring

The previous stream of Alder Lake leaks quickly grew into a huge torrent of information about supposed standards, specifications, and now prices as of today. It’s another case of the usual suspects leaking information, and all we can say is that Alder Lake looks expensive. The potential upside to this latest leak is that it inspires confidence in Intel that the radically new technology will indeed be successful and has the performance to support its price.

The leaker on Twitter Tweet embed Unveiled an image of the retailer’s product page with full pricing for the Alder Lake family. This was most likely a staged view since there are placeholders images as well. Interestingly, the prices for all the high-performance Alder Lake CPUs along with the SKUs are all shown in US dollars.

The clearest thing to take away from this picture is that Alder Lake will be more expensive than previous generations of Intel CPUs. The last generation 11900K is priced at $550, while the 12900K is priced at $705. Looking at the i7, it’s $495, which is 25% more than the equivalent previous-generation MSRP. It would probably be inappropriate to compare Alder Lake with previous generation Rocket Lake equivalents, as the products will be very different in specifications and performance. If anything, Alder Lake’s best SKUs seem more in line to compete with AMD’s high-end offerings.

Intel Alder Lake 12th Edition pricing leaked

(Image credit: momomo_us on Twitter).

Get what you pay for?

Alder Lake will feature a mix of large and small cores to dramatically increase per-watt and multi-threaded performance, as well as Many other technological developments. The upcoming 12900K will primarily use 10nm Golden Cove cores and dual core counts while introducing small, efficient Gracemont cores for background tasks. This will result in eight large cores and eight small cores, all of which will be controlled by an integrated thread manager to make the best use of the performance available.

With all this in mind, you might be willing to pay those extra bucks for a CPU that can fully handle high refresh games as well as things like background recording apps and even live streaming at once. These are just our current estimates of Alder Lake’s performance.

Of course, in addition to the higher prices for CPUs, motherboards and RAM will likely also be expensive because Intel will be the first to offer PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 support. With all this in mind, it makes sense that Alder Lake would be a bit cheaper than the MSRPs of the Ryzen 5000 series. However, the latest AMD CPUs can already be found on big discount Online retailers have it, so competition is sure to intensify in the coming months. Alder Lake will then need to compete with whatever CPUs AMD releases 3D V-Cache Packages Next year. At the very least, the competition between the two should be interesting.

Please note that all prices are in US dollars.

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