Black Ops Cold War and Warzone ad hints at Judge Dredd’s crossover

Call of Duty: War Zone He’s been involved in some notable crossovers in the past. This past Halloween, fans could buy some spooky Jigsaw and Leatherface skins. at recent days , 80 Action Heroes Rambo and John McClain It was available for the masses to purchase. In addition, the signature Nakatomi Arena has been added to the game. For a limited time, players can access a vault in the building and get some high-level loot. Now, it looks like the next batch of action heroes may be preparing to join the game. Fans think Judge Dredd might be the next crossover in black cold war And war zone.

Judge Dredd is a law enforcement officer in a miserable city. The character began as a comic book franchise, in which she condemned and executed criminals. After that, Judge Dredd made his debut on the big screen in 1995.

He is Call of duty Teasing add Judge Dredd?

A teaser for a new player was shared on Call of duty Twitter page. The teaser shows images of four different parts of the character’s skin. The teaser that has fans convinced that the next client is Judge Dredd, is the golden shoulder pads. This is only the first teaser, so there could be more on the way to releasing the skin.

Without confirmation from Activision, Judge Dredd’s arrival cannot be confirmed black cold war And war zone just yet. Also, at the time of writing, it is unknown when the launcher will be available for purchase. However, since the crossover of champions in the early ’80s introduced some distinct characters, we can expect this to be repeated with someone like Judge Dredd. It will be interesting to see if the crossover brings any other changes to it war zone And Black Cold War.

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